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Election Result Fears?

living in fear
Do you have election result fears? Maybe you need some Earl Banes philosophy! Earl Banes lived through Presidents, Governors and representatives he liked and didn’t like. He would tell all the kids and grand kids that all politicians do not represent us. They represent their interests and the interests of their parties. You vote for...
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Surf Shops Sell Out Due To Covid?

surfing lock down
How can surf shops sell out due to covid? It’s easy. With the Pandemic in full swing, a few businesses have made bid strides. Zoom of course, which has become the new online school. Online subscriptions are up 50% or more. New online products like F2S.Live have launched. Pizza places we expect to be busy....
Category Early Bum Life

Covid Triathalon T-Shirt

Early Bum Covid Triathalon Design
The newest design for the Early Bum is the Covid Triathalon T-shirt When California shut down the beaches, surfers became criminals. Even the COOLTOYS TV guys had to find a new spot or get arrested for being on the beach. To commemorate the event, the designers at Early Bum created the EBCT design. If you...
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