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Election Result Fears?

Election Result Fears?

living in fear

Do you have election result fears? Maybe you need some Earl Banes philosophy!

Earl Banes lived through Presidents, Governors and representatives he liked and didn’t like. He would tell all the kids and grand kids that all politicians do not represent us. They represent their interests and the interests of their parties. You vote for the person who is closest to your interests and get over it when they lose.

The right says they are the party of responsibility and they let oil company’s “frack” us. The left says they are the party of “the people” and want to leave the homeless on the street. The left wants us to check a box to define us by race and ethnicity and not as “Americans”. Earl told the grandkids that picking a party is like trying to pick your family, except that you can change your party. Democracy is the way the world should be, but the uneducated vote too. Many people vote based on who put the most signs out.

Earl would laugh at the political signs that mention the other person like “Tom Bradly will raise taxes in LA”. Earl would just shake his head and point at the sign. “Those guys are paying to elect the competition”. It was marketing 1A being taught in the real world. With social media, the situation is only getting worse. Maybe you should not be allowed to vote until you pass a knowledge test? Or pay taxes? Clearly people who don’t pay taxes will vote for the person who offers more for them regardless of the cost to taxpayers.

Covid-19 World

With the world of Covid-19, shelter at home, quarantine living and remote work, the biggest lesson from Earl starts to make sense. He used to say “Living in Fear isn’t Living”. The Covid-19 people are creating a world of fear. The idea that a mask can cure Covid-19 in six weeks is plain ridiculous. No one wants to understand the virus or what really can save them from it. The mask has become the modern version of the garlic the Transylvanians used to protect themselves from vampires. It isn’t real and doesn’t work.

living in fear

Earl taught all of the kids and grandkids to dig deep and follow the money. In this case, reading the “mask” study you find that it was based on a “symptomatic person”. The math is simple. A symptomatic person is 10-15 times contagious than a person who is “asymptomatic”. If you wear a mask and are symptomatic you should stay home. If you don’t wearing a mask reduces your chances of infecting people by 80%. That means you are still twice as likely to infect another person than an “asymptomatic” person without a mask. But this is too much to read so most people will be the sheep and wear a mask. All the time.

Living in Fear, Isn’t Living is a truth we all need to understand as Americans. Do you think we got freedom from English Tyranny by wearing a mask? The facists of Europe demanded a “uniform”. What is different than a government that demands a “mask”. Get your shirt today and show the world you are not a sheep and you don’t live in fear.


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