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New Bolsa Chica Surf Club – Unofficial T-Shirt

New Bolsa Chica Surf Club – Unofficial T-Shirt

If you surf Bolsa Chica State Beach in California, you are part of the Bolsa Chica Surf Club, unofficially that is.

Bolsa Chica Surf Club - Early Bum Version Design. Copyright 2022 Earl Banes.

As far as we know there isn’t a real and official Bolsa Chica Surf Club so for all of the regulars at Bolsa Chica State Beach, we adapted one of our famous designs. 50% of all Net Proceeds from the sale of these shirts goes to supporting clean up and wildlife conservation at Bolsa. If you are part of the club, officially or not, why not show it off and support the cause at the same time?

With nearly 5 miles of surf-able coast, there are a lot of you that are unofficial members of the “Tribe”. Show everyone that you surf with the tribe at Bolsa. Like all of the designs inspired by Earl Banes, this one is simply the Early Bum riding the famous surf shark. While we don’t have too many sightings of anything bigger than a leopard shark, we all think about it once in a while as we bob around looking for the next great ride.

Even when you aren’t in the water waiting for the waves, you can show the world that you too surf the World Famous Bolsa Chica State Beach. Buy Yours Now.

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