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Living In Fear – Our Latest Design

Living In Fear – Our Latest Design

Living in Fear isn’t how Earl Banes lived his life

Grandpa Earl used to say that Helen Keller was one of the smartest and bravest people he knew of. This is coming from a guy that designed airplanes with a slide rule and was kicked out of casinos for counting cards.

He would say every morning that we wake up we make a choice. We can be the victim and live in fear, seeking attention for what we didn’t do. Or we can grab life by the horns and go live. He definitely did that. Every day Earl woke up, even if it was Sunday and he was mowing the lawn, it was a great day for him.

Being inspired to live a better life without living in fear of the unknown is what inspired us to create the Early Bum shirts to begin with. Earl rode motorcycles, raced sports cars and had fun with four kids in tow.

Earl only spent 80 years on this earth but they were some great years. He did things that others only dream of. What will your day be like tomorrow?

Every day is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all” – Helen Keller

Who wants to live a nothing life? Get your Living in Fear Isn’t Living T-shirt today!

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