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Where Is The Early Bum Instagram?

Where Is The Early Bum Instagram?

If you are looking for the Early Bum Instagram account to see our latest designs, we have bad news. Instagram has not allowed us to sign up. We have a real person working here, we have a dedicated mobile phone number for us and yet they don’t think we are a real business. They are owned by Facebook and Facebook didn’t shut down our page.

Early Bum Covid Triathalon Design
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We are working on getting the situation resolved, but for now you’ll have to check in here to see our latest designs. Today we are working on our thoughts about wearing a mask, especially when in the car by yourself. We saw a guy driving down the road, smoking in his car with a mask and gloves on. We would have posted that on Instagram as an Early Bum “Don’t”. If we had an account that is.

Down the hall at BeachStreetNews.com they published an interesting article about masks, Covid-19 and those poisonous sprays everyone is using to “clean and sanitize”. We agree with their writers assessment. This has gotten silly.

Since many of our shirts are a tongue in cheek look at life, we couldn’t resist. As this is being posted we are working on a new shirt that pretty well states our thoughts. We hope you agree and will come back to buy the shirt. Maybe by then we’ll have an instagram account too!

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