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Quarantine Life In Comfort

Quarantine Life In Comfort

sunrise from jeep on early bum trek

Living the Quarantine Life doesn’t mean you can’t be cool and comfortable.

The Early Bum line of t-shirts and sweatshirts by Earl Banes are perfect for the work at home life. Our designs show the world your inner Early Bum® from the CDC recommended 6 feet. Standing in line at the market or out for your fresh air walk breaks, you’ll be showing everyone that you aren’t a caged animal.

We are social people that love to play. Sometimes we forget that. If you surf, our “get the waves” series is for you. If you ski or board, we have a new line for you. Later this week, our new Ski and Board designs will be available. We had planned to wait until next ski season to release these, but Earl’s son Neal is going crazy sitting at home and decided he needed something to remind everyone we have mountains in Southern California.

The latest Early Bum Designs Released Early of course.
New Early Bum Design

When the ski resorts sent out the emails that they were closed for the season, Neal went to work and finished two designs. One Early Bum Ski and one Early Bum board design. He sent them to the Crew at CoolToys TV, and they liked the designs so they are headed to printing and will be available by the time you read this.

Neal simply said “It makes sense to release the next Early Bum design a little early.”

As always, thank you for being an Early Bum with us.

Update – the “First Tracks” series for skiers and snow boarders is now available.

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