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CoolToys Host At Thermal Club

CoolToys Host At Thermal Club

CoolToys host follows the Early Bum’s advice and gets up early.

Scott Bourquin, the CoolToys host got up very early to beat traffic and make the 140 mile trek from the CoolToys Studios on the coast out to the TruSpeed Autosport Shop at The Thermal Club.

CoolToys Host Scott watches a Mercedes GTR pro get the tires checked.
CoolToys Hosts Look On in Envy…

The host was out scouting locations and interviewing a potential co-host for a rebuild of the hot web series. “Think of this as CoolToys TV v 2.0” he said.

While visiting the track, TruSpeed® owner Tyler Tadevic arranged for a complete tour of the facility to include a couple of laps around the track in a BMW M5 “skid pad car”. Skid pad cars are run with rock hard tires and end up running around a track more like a drift car without all the smoke.

Pros Know The Track

During the video the nose of the car is not always pointed in the same direction that the car is going. The best part is the one handed steering while drifting. I am not sure if I would have been good with that. At a couple of points the instructor isn’t even looking at the track.

Scott often talks about going to the Richard Petty Driving experience in Phoenix. During the familiarity laps, the instructor was driving the van while looking back at the students. The entire time he was talking about where to accelerate and where to brake. He claims the guy did that at 80 plus and never looked forward. So maybe watching the track and driving with one hand is better.

The laughter in the background we are told is the man being interviewed as a potential new co-host. He clearly did a better job holding down his lunch than he did holding the camera steady. You can still see there is a lot of fun to be had on a racetrack even if the tires aren’t sticky. I just wonder if he was wearing his Early Bum Shirt in the back seat of the M5? I am sure I sent them one.

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