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SuperCars and Early Bums

SuperCars and Early Bums

The Early Bums apparently drive SuperCars.

If you want a great parking spot at the SuperCars by the Sea events you better be an Early Bum. Starting at 7 am, the spots go quick and so does the best coffee. Since the event ends at 10 am there isn’t a lot of wiggle room to sleep in.

For February, SuperCars by the Sea aka SXS themed the event “Ozeangekült”. For the uninitiated like us, that appears to mean “Porsche Freakiness”. At least that is what we saw when we got there.

Of course there were rows of stock(ish) 911’s, boxters and a couple of Caymens. There were the tag along supercharged Camaro’s and Corvette’s and even a Jeep with an LS3 stuffed under the hood.

Since Porsche was the theme, Early Bum fans of Porsche were rewarded for showing up. One of the coolest toys was 550 spyder kit car with copper accents and varnished wood floors. But that wasn’t all. A fully electric racer showed up as well as a pink Carrera with no back bumper showing off one of the prettiest exhausts we’ve ever seen. Normally at Early Bum we like our back end covered but this was ok with us.

Electric Porsche Rim at Supercars by the sea - Early Bum favorite.
Electric Porsche – Early Bum Favorite.
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