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CoolToys Crew on Dawn Patrol

CoolToys Crew on Dawn Patrol

The CoolToys Crew was caught heading out on Dawn Patrol sporting the latest Early Bum designed #beachmode sweatshirt. Rumor has it that the CoolToys TV show has been interviewing potential co-host and is using early morning surfing aka dawn patrol in the interview process.

Dawn Patrol Drive in CoolToys TV ride
Driving out for Dawn Patrol in CoolToys TV Ride

It is well known that CoolToys host Scott surfs regularly. He is an Early Bum, arriving at the beach at dawn. Several of his surf session videos are on BeachStreetNews.com as well as CoolToys. In fact one episode was dedicated to surfboard wax replacement options.

The CoolToys crew is loaded with surfers and it is not uncommon to talk about future episodes while on the beach or even shoot an episode scene at the beach. “Given that the studio is just a few blocks from the beach, it only makes sense to use it as a backdrop” said CoolToys Director – Craig Railsback.

Just before getting in the water CoolToys host Scott said “It is ingrained in my psyche to be up before dawn. To make it worse, I have to get something done, before I head out to play before work. 20 years in the military taught me the success doesn’t sleep in.”

At Early Bum of course you know we couldn’t agree more. Being up early gets you the freshest donuts, first waves and even the first tracks. It lets you soak up more of the day without interruption. Early bums do this in the moments before most of the world even reaches for the alarm clock.

Beachmode, because shoes are for work or working out – Earl Banes

My grand father would be proud.

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