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Surf Shops Sell Out Due To Covid?

Surf Shops Sell Out Due To Covid?

surfing lock down

How can surf shops sell out due to covid? It’s easy.

With the Pandemic in full swing, a few businesses have made bid strides. Zoom of course, which has become the new online school. Online subscriptions are up 50% or more. New online products like F2S.Live have launched. Pizza places we expect to be busy. Bike shops, ok we get that. But surf shops?

Surfing is considered by many to be one of the toughest and most athletic sports out there. Just look at the pros, they are machines where fat is not an option. Anyone can ride a bike or eat a pizza.

Surf Shops Sell Out

As pandemic stimulus checks rolled in, surfboards flew out the door. A recent tour of surf shops and bike shops for that matter revealed empty shelves of everything a beginner would need. Sure there were still a few shorty thrusters, and crazy hybrid boards. But the mid sized fun boards were noticeably missing from the racks.

surf shops sold out - did you run the early bum covid triathlon?
Surf Shops Sold Out – Did You Triathalon During Covid?

Checking the lineup in the morning, it was very easy to see where those boards went. Hundreds of smiling people sitting on brand new boards with little to no wax watching waves roll by. As I sat in the surf with my normal crew we caught wave after wave to cheers of the observers.

Every now and then one would be in the exact spot out of dumb luck. Since they were in our way we would shout go. The stunned looks when they caught a wave made it worth it.

I’ve been working on a documentary about the world of surf where I ask “who created surfing as we know it, artists or pro’s”. In a couple of years I might need to make a new documentary about the pandemics effect on surfing. We might not know if the pandemic will end in November, but we do know we are going to the beach.

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