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Covid Triathalon T-Shirt

Covid Triathalon T-Shirt

Early Bum Covid Triathalon Design

The newest design for the Early Bum is the Covid Triathalon T-shirt

COOLTOYS TV Crew blocked from Surf Test by Armed Officers
Beach Closed to Surf Test or Was it?

When California shut down the beaches, surfers became criminals. Even the COOLTOYS TV guys had to find a new spot or get arrested for being on the beach. To commemorate the event, the designers at Early Bum created the EBCT design. If you survived this amazingly silly exercise, get your shirt today!

Early Bum Covid Triathalon Design
Did you survive? Get Yours Today!

The Early Bum Covid Triathalon aka EBCT is a satirical look at the situation in California that many surfers faced. It was illegal to cross county lines if you weren’t an “essential worker” enroute to or from work, and yet the Orange County Beaches packed in. To make matters worse, State Parks and beaches had armed officers at the entrances.

Since there was no place to legally park, our Early Bum friends at COOLTOYS TV rode bikes to the beach only to find concrete barricades and armed officers. Oddly they somehow finished their test which inspired the EBCT design. Now that beaches are open, grab your shirt and show the world we should keep them open.

At Early Bum, we are all about living life to the limits and it is the Early Bum that gets the waves, the powder and the work. Are you an Early Bum?

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