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Surfing is Not A Crime

Surfing is Not A Crime

surfing lock down

Surfing is not a crime. At least it wasn’t until the Corona Hoax

At Early Bum, we are going with Robert Kiyosaki on this one. Covid deaths are not even in the top three when you look at why people die. Even with that knowledge, the media has people freaking out. California Governor Gavin Newsom went so far as to close beaches and make surfing a crime.

Here at the Earl Banes Company and Early Bum Surf and Sport we believe that the best thing people can do is go outside and play. Being locked inside isn’t good for anyone. Even prisons have playgrounds for a reason. Keeping people locked up for no reason is cruelty without crime.

The Early Bum Triathalon t-shirt is on it’s way to commemorate the 2020 Corona Hoax shut down of Orange County Beaches. Bike-Surf-Run (from the cops). Our Art department is on it and we should have it for sale very soon! (now available!)

Get yours exclusively here at EarlyBum.Com. We are going to create an Early Bum Surfing is not a crime shirt too, but that is second on the list. Stay in touch and you’ll know when the new shirts are ready. You can also see CoolToys TV host Scott wear our designs from time to time on CoolToys®.

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