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Welcome to Early Bum

Welcome to Early Bum

What is Early Bum? Well it is a description of our our founders grandfather lived and the philosophies he imparted on his grandson. Being an Early Bum allows you to live a little better life. When you get up early, you get the best waves, catch the best fish, enjoy the freshest air. Some might ask why?The answer is easy. Sleep in and you are part of the herd. If that is where you want to be, you are in the wrong place.

Being an Early Bum means that you want to grab life by the… ah … horns. You want to enjoy the best while the others rest. The lazy will say “There is no rest for the wicked”. We don’t agree. We belief those that say that simply are too lazy to earn that first wave, fresh powder or stunning sunrise.

The World Is Boring?

Did we start the Early Bum collection because the world needs more fun T-shirts? Not really but it doesn’t hurt. Life should only be work if you are getting paid or competing for a prize. Unless you plan to be a pro surfer, skier or driver, you should enjoy surfing, skiing or driving like our founders grandfather Earl Banes would have done.

The Early Bum story starts with a pre-dawn surf session. Just two guys watching the sun rise and discussing the bigger than life stories of Earl Banes. From that session, a new company was started.

Earl’s grandson says that “Shoes are for work or working out”, and he feels the same way about dressing in anything nicer than a T-Shirt or Hoodie. The Early Bum designs go with the flip flop lifestyle. Nothing here for work or working out, just comfortable stuff that show the world you are enjoying life like an Early Bum. If you need clothes for work, shop at the Earl Banes store.

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