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The Waves Are Calling

The Waves Are Calling

Waves Are Calling T-shirt

The Waves Are Calling And I Must Go now available!

Our latest shirts in both one sided and two sided are now available with our newest “The Waves Are Calling and I Must Go” design. Inspired by all of the people glued to their phones, we decided it was the waves that were calling us to put down our phones and go surf.

A big part of the Early Bum philosophy is to live connected the world we can see and touch. You can’t see someone that is in another town. We don’t think video chat counts. If you are walking down the street in a video chat, you are missing a whole world happening all around you.

This may be a part of our disconnect. Instead of acknowledging and appreciating those right next to us, we are occupied with people and events we aren’t with and aren’t a part of. Our #BEACHMODE shirts tell the world that you are living in the here and now. As Kenny Chesney’s song says, “Why do you think they call the present, the present? Cause there ain’t no better gift”.

When the waves are calling surfers put down the phone grab a board and surf. You can’t text while surfing. You can’t really call anyone while surfing. When you get the call from the waves it is you and the waves and nothing else.

If you surf with a friend, the only conversation you have is with them. Maybe that is why surfers have a bond that most people can’t understand. For us at Earl Banes and the Early Bum, we get it.

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Waves Are Calling T-shirt

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